JOYA® apples

We certainly take joy seriously. We constantly work hard to awaken the spark within you. Our secret ? An apple with personality...

Pomme Joya - Une pomme haute en couleurs
Pomme Joya

A taste of JOYA®

Reveal the joy that lies deep within yourself with a hard-core apple. Our secret ? A highly colourful apple…

and uninhibited

A crisp and crunchy apple.

The plus JOYA®

An outer skin that can handle whatever life throws at it, and that you can take everywhere with you.

and quirky

Energising flavours that will make your taste buds sparkle.

The plus JOYA®

Just the acidic touch you need to spice up your daily life.

and energetic

An explosion of freshness that helps you kick-start your day.

The plus JOYA®

A concentrate of water and minerals for an instantly refreshing effect.

and sensational

Vitamins and minerals to recharge your batteries before, during and after a workout.

The plus JOYA®

A quarter of the daily recommended vitamin C intake !

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Certified Joy

JOYA® apples hold no secret for you.