Certified Joy

JOYA® apples hold no secret for you.

since 1997

In 1997, our first orchard saw the light in the south-east of France. The JOYA® family now counts 250 growers over 260 hectares of joy !

Eco-responsible, sustainable and full of love

The planet doesn’t need us, we are the ones who need it. That is why our growers naturally prefer a responsible, environment- and biodiversity-friendly approach to arboriculture.

  1. Quality growing areas that combine the appropriate soil type and maximum sunshine levels

  2. Priority is given to natural orchard protection solutions. If necessary, in the case of a threat to the harvest, organic or synthetic products may be used sparingly and with precision

  3. Active investment in the preservation of biodiversity :
    development of safe places and habitat for insects and useful species against apple tree pests (hedges, nesting boxes).

  4. 100% recyclable material chosen for all JOYA® packaging : cardboard !

An apple that grows
on an apple tree


  1. In Winter

    Pruning the tree to ensure balance and vigour.

  2. In the Spring

    Blossoming, and the introduction of beehives in the orchards to guarantee successful pollination.

  3. In summer

    Thinning and leaf stripping to help the fruit develop in the best possible conditions.

  4. In Autumn

    Harvesting the fruits once they are ripe and have developed their full flavours.

A 100% certified integrated fruit production, GLOBAL G.A.P

Standards of best or organic agricultural practices.

Packing stations to be taken seriously

Once they have been picked, JOYA® apples are taken to one of our 16 certified packing stations (BRC, IFS or FSSC 220000).

quality control

Carefully examined by Bureau Veritas, based on qualitative and demanding specifications : sugar rate, intensity of colour, crispiness...

Carefully tracked,
from the orchard to the plate

  1. Harvesting

    Just at the perfect moment to guarantee WOW flavours !

  2. Cold storage room

    Set at a precise temperature.

  3. Selection process

    Following strict specifications.

  4. Point of sale

    A gourmet rendez-vous with JOYA®.

  5. In your
    bag !

    Ready to be eaten !

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A taste of JOYA®

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